November 04, 2016

Friday Round Up - 4 November, 2016

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up three very different exhibitions - Andrew Chapman's Drive Line in Melbourne and two exhibitions in Sydney - The Light Collective and Stephen Dupont.

Exhibition: Melbourne
Andrew Chapman – Drive Line 

The closing of the Ford plant in Melbourne, and indeed the withdrawal from Australia of this iconic car manufacturer, is a major blow to this country’s manufacturing industry, but more importantly it is devastating for hundreds of families who have relied on the plant for their livelihoods. 

Ford is gone. Holden will be closing up shop and so will Toyota. 

Still I’m not going to say anymore on the shortsightedness of the Liberal government and its epic failure to acknowledge the massive ramifications of allowing our car industry to crumble to dust…

Melbourne photojournalist Andrew Chapman has captured the last days of the Ford plant in Broadmeadows (on the outskirts of Melbourne) in his usual style making pictures that resonate at a deep human level, even when they only feature machinery as many of these do. 

Chapman draws out the stories of this plant, which began operation in 1959 and closed its doors in October 2016, in black and white, which serves to immediately place these images as historical documents. 

The series was commissioned by Hume City Council and will be on show until the end of January. 

It is great that Hume had the foresight to engage Chapman before it was too late. 

Drive Line is an important series and will serve as an invaluable archive for future generations.

(C) All images Andrew Chapman

10 November 2016 - 29 January, 2017
Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery
Hume Global Learning Centre
75-95 Central Park Avenue

Exhibition: Sydney

Kati Chanda - Lake Eyre
Interpretations from the Air 
(C) Adam Williams

Adam Williams, Paul Hoelen, Luke Austin, Ignacio Palacios and Ricardo Da Cunha make up The Light Collective, a group of Australian landscape photographers four of which have just launched a new book and exhibition of photographs of Lake Eyre taken from above. These photographs could be oil paintings and they are rich with texture. Many of the scenes are otherworldly and all are incredibly beautiful.

“When you take to the air its (Lake Eyre’s) true complexity, variety and immensity is breathtakingly revealed. Salt deposits, eroded channels and inlets, layers of sediment and algal blooms provide endlessly subtle variations of texture, lines, patter and colour,” the group says. 

(C) Adam Williams

(C) Ignacio Palacios

(C) Ignacio Palacios

(C) Luke Austin

(C) Luke Austin

(C) Paul Hoelen

(C) Paul Hoelen

Adam, Paul, Ignacio and Luke’s images are truly stunning. I’ll be reviewing the book in December, but if you’re in Sydney check out the show at The Depot Gallery.  You can see more of their work here - The Light Collective . There's also a behind the scenes video.

Until 12 November
The Depot Gallery
2 Danks Street

Exhibition: Sydney

Stephen Dupont - The White Sheet Series 
Havana, Cuba (C) Stephen Dupont

Multi-award winning Australian photojournalist Stephen Dupont caps off a brilliant year with his exhibition The White Sheet Series at Sydney’s Stills Gallery. This year Dupont has won numerous awards for his amazing book Generation AK including the Olivier Reboot Award, POYi Book of the Year and the Australian Photobook of the Year, adding to a long list of accolades.

The White Sheet Series features portraits taken by Dupont in various places around the globe including PNG, Cuba and India. Carrying a white sheet with him to use as a backdrop, Dupont sets up his makeshift studio on the streets of the cities he visits and invites locals to sit for him. The use of the white sheet places these portraits in the mode of traditional ethnographic photography where a blank background was commonly used in early portraiture. But Dupont’s take is original, and in his white sheet portraits we can see the people holding up the sheet, and the surrounds to give context and personality to the images that goes beyond the stereotypical portrait. 

Havana, Cuba (C) Stephen Dupont

Piksa, PNG (C) Stephen Dupont

Varanasi, India (C) Stephen Dupont

9 November to 10 December
Stills Gallery
36 Gosbell Street

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