April 27, 2012

Maggie Diaz feature out now

My profile on Maggie Diaz is the cover story for May's issue of Pro Photo.  

The Canberra - Maggie arrived in Melbourne on the maiden voyage in 1961
(C) Maggie Diaz

April 24, 2012

Winner of Fotobook Dummy Award

"A remarkable body of work from Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer", 'Passengers', has won this year's Fotobook Dummy Award in Paris. The prize? A publishing contract with the German publisher Seltmann und Sohne.

A collaborative work, 'Passengers" was shot on location in Poland in the winter of 2011-2012.. The pair independently photographed the passengers at a main bus terminal in Kielce where dozens of regional lines originate. To see the winning book and read the full article visit Lightbox Time.

Winner: Passengers (C) Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer

April 18, 2012

The Girls of Chechnya - Diana Markosian

Twenty-two year old Diana Markosian is a Russian-born photographer who in November last year moved to Chechnya to progress her photo essay documenting the lives of girls living in this war-torn, and still extremely dangerous, country. The freedom we take for granted is definitely not present there...Check out the story and her photographs at Time Lightbox

"Khedi Konchieva, 15, goes on a date with her boyfriend in the village of Serzhen-Yurt. A couple on a date in Chechnya must meet in public and sit a few feet apart. Any form of intimate contact is forbidden; some young woman who have sex before marriage risk death at the hands of their family." Photography: Diana Markosian. Copy: Time Lightbox

April 12, 2012

Street Photography Sale Now On

PhotoVoice has organized an online sale of limited edition street photography. Sale started yesterday so get in quick. You can check out the work at PhotoVoice

PhotoVoice is a charity that works with marginalized communities “around the world to tell their own stories and represent themselves visually”. All proceeds from the street photography sale go towards PhotoVoice’s work.

There are some awesome photos, two I particularly like - the polar bear looking longingly at a cake shop window (Jo Paul Wallace), and the pigeon walking in Trafalgar Square (shown on the book cover below) by Matt Stuart.

Check out the book Street Photography Now by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren available on Amazon.com

April 04, 2012

Great Photography Books from T&G Publishing

T&G is a boutique publishing house based in Sydney, Australia. Director Gianni Frinzi is incredibly passionate about photography and about producing beautiful books - many of T&G's titles will no doubt become collector's items.

My favorite T&G books, at the moment, are:

Martin Parr No Worries (read my article at Pro Photo Martin Parr)

Max Pam's Atlas Monographs (read my article at Pro Photo Max Pam)

I am planning to review the incredible collection of Lewis Morely's work - I to Eye, but in the meantime please check out T&G's website to view, and buy, this beautiful book (T&G Publishing).

April 03, 2012

Ramadan in Yemen - new book by Max Pam

"Ramadan in Yemen" documents photographer Max Pam's travels through this amazing country in the late 1990s. Max believes the journal he kept at this time is one of his best and this journal forms the heart to the book "Ramadan in Yemen" published by Éditions Bessard in Paris. The journal is full of jottings, notes, drawings and disjointed quotes that add to its ability to transport the viewer to that moment in time. Pam's journals give an insight into his creative processes and his photographs evoke the spirit and warmth of the people of Yemen.

The book is beautifully bound and comes in an exquisite box giving weight to the idea that this is definitely a collector's item. Published as a limited edition of 1000 copies, the first 250 books will be personally numbered, embossed and signed by Max. Congratulations to Pierre and his team at Éditions Bessard on publishing such a beautiful book.

Of "Ramadan in Yemen" Max Pam said: "What could I say about Yemen that did it justice. I tried in my journal to work it honestly. I tried with 60 rolls of black and white 120 film to translate the experience. That hot, spare and beautiful Ramadan. No eating or drinking anything between sunrise and sunset. The faithful waiting for the moment. The cannon booms from the mosque in the afterglow of the day. KABOUMMM and a frenzy of quat buying, tea drinking and food eating begins in the suqs and squares and oases and towns all over the country. Everyone is happy, elated, laughing and joking sitting down together as one nation. And you know what? People always wanted me to share and be part of their Ramadan, their community, their Yemen. I travelled all over the country with them. To Shibam, Taizz, Al Mukallah, Sanaa, over the desert, by the sea and into the mountains. The shared taxis were always a half past dead Peugeot 405’s with sometimes 10 or 12 people jammed in. The 92 pages of this book give my version of that unforgettable Ramadan month. An experience freely given to me by the generosity of Yemeni people".

Email Éditions Bessard to order your copy today  contact@editionsbessard.com  

All photography by Max Pam