May 28, 2010

Atlas Monographs Makes Top 100 PhotoEspana Festival Book List

Congratulations to Max Pam and Gianni Frinzi T&G Publishing - Atlas Monographs, Max's latest book, has made the top 100 Best Photography Books of the Year exhibition in Madrid. Quite possibly the first Australians to do so, both photographer and publisher.

Foto Freo Femme Fatales

My next article in Pro Photo magazine is a feature on five of the women who exhibited at this year's Foto Freo festival in Fremantle. There are interviews with Australians Claire Martin and Narelle Autio, American Amy Stein, Slovakian Magda Stanova and South African Joy Horwood Cooke.  

Now working on my feature on Martine Perret, a UN Photographer based in Timor who has created a fantastic photo essay on the transexuals in Timor.

(Photo by Claire Martin)