March 29, 2013

Friday Round Up Exclusive - Tim Page Unpublished

Iconic photojournalist Tim Page shares a series of unpublished photo essays with Photojournalism Now. This is a unique opportunity to view photos by one of the world's most highly regarded conflict photographers. Please click on the tab at the top of the blog "Tim Page - The Unpublished Photographs" or click on the link here.

In the coming months Tim will share a selection of photo essays shot around the world. Tune in every Friday for updates. Or subscribe using your email address to get Photojournalism Now direct to your inbox.

To say we are ecstatic, would be an understatement! Have a great weekend.

Afghanistan (c) Tim Page

March 22, 2013

Friday Round Up - 22 March, 2013

This week on Friday Round Up photo essays from Michael Biach, Anne Ackermann and Camille Léage, Head On announces Benjamin Lowy as special guest, Donald Weber to host workshop in Sydney and discussion on the notion of creative people, writers and photographers in particular, being asked to work for free - would you work for free? Have a great weekend. (To read Friday Round Up in full please click on the tab of the same name at the top of the blog)

(C) Michael Biach - Made in Bangladesh

(C) Ben Lowy - Special Guest Head On Festival

(C) Anne Ackermann - Gulu Youth

March 15, 2013

Friday Round Up - 15 March 2013

This week on Friday Round Up a new iPad book from John Vink, new iPhone images from Michael Coyne, Franco Pagetti opens an exhibition in New York with a panel discussion and for something completely different, take a look at Lisa Tomasetti's quirky on the street photographs of the Australian Ballet in New York, Paris and Tokyo. And if you didn't get to it last week, please take a moment to read the feature article on the Death of a Festival on the Feature Articles tab. Have a great weekend.

(c) Lisa Tomasetti

(C) Michael Coyne

(C) Franco Pagetti

March 08, 2013

Friday Round Up - 8 March 2013

Photojournalism Now Farewells Foto Freo

This week's Friday Round Up is dedicated to Foto Freo, Australia's biennial photography festival that was earlier this week "discontinued". Please read the exclusive article written by Alison Stieven-Taylor which can be found at the top of this blog under Feature Articles, or by clicking here. This indeed marks a sad day for photography in Australia.

(C) Antoine D'Agata Foto Freo 2006

(C) Edward Burtynsky Foto Freo 2008

(C) Claire Martin Foto Freo 2010

(C) Raghu Rai Foto Freo 2012

Death of a Festival

Foto Freo "discontinued"
Alison Stieven-Taylor 8 March 2013

Rumors have been circulating that Australia’s long-standing biennial photography festival, Foto Freo, was on shaky ground. This week the worst was confirmed when the Festival board announced that Foto Freo was being “discontinued”, as if it were a supermarket line that was no longer popular as opposed to an important, and respected photographic event on the international calendar... to read this article in full please click on the link above, Feature Articles, or here.

Philip Blenkinsop at the first Foto Freo 2002

Magnum's Antoine D'Agata holds floor talks in 2006

March 01, 2013

Friday Round Up - 1 March

This week Friday Round Up features a host of workshops by leading photojournalists held around the world in exotic places, plus two photo essays with environmental themes that show the beauty of nature and the devastation that “progress” is reaping. Also if you haven’t done so already, and you are interested, please support the campaign, A Day Without News? and all those journalists and photojournalists who risk their lives to bring us the news. Wherever you are in the world have a wonderful weekend.

(C) Peter Turnley - Cuba

(C) Alessandro Grassani - Bangladesh

(C) Marco Pighin - Lake Baikal, Russia