January 27, 2012

New blog name

2012 sees AST Loves Life change name to Photojournalism Now. The new title reflects the direction I have moved in terms of my profile feature writing. It also addresses a topic that I am extremely interested in - the impact of digital media on the profession of photojournalism. My intention is to share information, articles, blogs and other links on the topic. I invite you to follow Photojournalism Now; let's see where this conversation leads to...

January 26, 2012

Chasing a Dream

I am in the process of writing a review on Australian photographer Carla Coulson's new book Chasing a Dream. I wrote a feature on Carla back in 2009 - Carla is an Australian photographer now living in Paris, a woman who turned her life on its head, shook it hard to see what would fall out and....you can read her story on my website at Reality Illusion Carla Coulson.

Michael Coyne story now on website

My Pro Photo feature on Michael Coyne is now available on my website Reality Illusion. New articles coming up on Martin Parr, Maggie Diaz and a review of Carla Coulson's new book, Chasing A Dream (a book I loved the moment I opened it).

Why newspapers are closing the shutters on staff photographers

Check out the above story at The Guardian - more commentary in the debate around citizen journalism and the move by media owners toward unpaid, amateur images (and text). Media owners claim by engaging (not working) with citizen journalists, the papers are better representing the public. Others surmise it is all about cost cutting to increase profits. Whatever the motivation, working in the media today is a moving feast. The Guardian

January 19, 2012

Nick Moir on mobile photography

Nick Moir, the "storm chaser" I wrote about last year, has penned an article for the Sydney Morning Herald on the use of mobile phones in professional news photography. An interesting read. Photos have gone mobile and mostly for the best

New story on website

My profile on Michael Coyne in December's Pro Photo is now up on my website for those who are interested Reality Illusion