August 26, 2009

This City

Can't get enough of this city, Melbourne.  Spent Sunday out taking shots and then the evening working on them. Today I'm doing another photo shoot.  I am so in love with my camera, my Olympus E3.  Here are some shots from Sunday's exploration.

August 07, 2009

Ed Burtynsky Mark II

Interviewed Ed last week.  What an inspirational man.  His photography is so awesome and only matched by his dedication and persistence to get the shot.  I am now in the process of putting the feature together.  This is the part I love, creating the story . . .


Last night I attended the HP Cityscape 2020 Awards in Melbourne.  My love of architecture, particularly as a focus for my photography, is obvious and so it was with great interest and pleasure that I got to see tomorrow's architects articulate their ideas for Australia in 2020.  

Tom Morgan's entry, an almost apocalyptic view of the future saved by an ingenious take on recreation won and deservedly so.  All of the entrants put in so much work and demonstrated passion and commitment.  

A selection of my Melbourne series of photos was also on display on large screens around the room.  It was so cool to see them at such a large scale.

And I met Tom Kovac, an architect I have followed with interest over the past few years.  A great night all round.

August 05, 2009


More photos .... Venice

The Cotswolds UK

More photos from my European Collection

The Cotswolds, UK


Photographs from Barcelona Hues Exhibition
Over two trips to Barcelona I spent days photographing Gaudi's extraordinary creations. Here are some photos from my homage to a great artist.  These images were exhibited at the Port Art Gallery.