September 15, 2010

More on the debate on the lifeline of photojournalism

Another interesting take on the notion that photojournalism is dead can be found on the New York Times Lens blog -  New York Times - thanks Tasj!

Beijing 2009 Alison Stieven-Taylor (C)

September 08, 2010

David Dare Parker

One of my forthcoming feature articles in Pro Photo is on Australian Photojournalist David Dare Parker, pictured here on the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Photo by Ron Blackford September 2010

September 06, 2010

Is photojournalism really dead?

In an article by Neil Burgess on the website Editorial Photographers UK, he writes an eloquent obituary to the death of photojournalism. I agree with him to a certain extent - photojournalism as we know it as in magazines commissioning photographers to create photo stories and essays, may be diminishing, but photojournalists are nothing if not adaptable. 

As an interviewer of photographers I have a particular interest in the genre of photojournalism. If ever there was a time in history for the professional photojournalist it is now. The communication conduits may change, but photos that 'keep the bastards honest' and that prick the conscience of the viewer, will always have a place in the dissemination of news.

Christian Blanchard and Me at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Look out for my profile on Christian coming soon . . .

September 02, 2010

September 01, 2010

Beautiful Lucca, Tuscany

Christian Blanchard

Saw Christian's Animalia short film last night, totally blown away, loved it. See a preview of it here, and some of his other work Christian Blanchard and look out for my profile on Christian landing later this year . . .