October 01, 2009


 If this panda could have fitted in my luggage he would be sitting on my bed now rather than the very cute stuffed panda from Beijing Zoo! I've just returned from a week in Beijing. It's an extraordinary city, a clash of cultures, the modern and the ancient, a city with a rich and complex history that sits side by side with the glass towers and modern architecture of the new China. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and came away with a newfound understanding of Chinese culture, albeit an abridged version. And some awesome photos of which this panda is just one. More photos will be uploaded in the days to come as I go through the hundreds of digital images that have captured my journey - the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, The Temple of Heaven, the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall. 

Max Pam is a legend

I had the pleasure of interviewing Max Pam today for my Pro Photo December profile feature. What a fantastic, interesting, articulate, wise and generous man. Now 60 years young, Max has carved an enviable career in visual arts with works in collections around the world.  We spoke about his latest book Atlas Monographs, his tenth publication, a book that takes you with him on journeys through China, Yemen, India and the Philippines. It is a beautifully produced book that does justice to his work and his obvious passion for the medium. And for the human condition. One of the best interviews of the year.