November 25, 2017

Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up - 24 November, 2017

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up - the recipient of the 2017 Bob & Diane Fund Grant. Also, Chinese photographer Lu Guang's exhibition 'Bloodwood: photographs of exploited African forest' on show in Shanghai, plus 2018 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo is open for entries. (Apologies for the earlier glitch with the new site, which I'm working to remedy).

Grantee: 2017 Bob & Diane Fund

Christopher Nunn

British photographer, Christopher Nunn is the recipient of this year’s Bob & Diane Fund, which is dedicated to promoting awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Nunn’s ‘Falling into the Day’ was chosen from the 67 entries received from 22 countries.

One of the Fund’s judges, National Geographic Director of Photography, Sarah Leen, said, "Christopher's work puts me in the shoes of a person who has Alzheimer’s. I can feel the isolation and loneliness with the progression of the disease. This work is very tenderly done."

Nunn photographed “David” over a number of years, but says it was only in 2009 that David’s behaviour began to change; it was the onset of Alzheimer’s and Nunn’s photographs captured the last years of David’s independence. “David had lived an incredible, productive and full life, and I slowly watched all this disappear,” said Nunn.

Gina Martin, who started the fund in 2016 in honour of her parents, said “The visual stories of patients and caregivers can humanize what is, in fact, a very cruel and dehumanizing disease. My hope is that the work funded today and in the future will have a profound and lasting effect on people, persuading them to support and advocate for a cure”.

To find out more about the Bob & Diane Fund click here.
(C) All photos Christopher Nunn

Exhibition: Shanghai

Lu Guang - Bloodwood: photographs of exploited African forest

In this series, Chinese photojournalist Lu Guang continues to focus his lens on the devastation of the natural world at the hands of progress and rampant consumerism.

Jean Loh, owner of the Beau Geste Gallery in Shanghai, and a close friend of Lu Guang says the Chinese photojournalist's work exposes "the impact of China’s fast and furious development in the poorest and most turbulent places in the world, namely the African rainforest. (It) deserves that we stop and pause and think about our identity as members of the one club: planet earth".


Until February 23, 2018
Beau Geste Gallery
210 Taikang Rd,
DaPuQiao 卢湾区
Shanghai Shi China 200025
(C) All photos Lu Guang

Entries Open: FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo - Deadline 15 December, 2017

The annual FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo is open for entries from documentary photographers who are working in the humanistic tradition to bring to light violations of human rights. The winning project will be published in FotoEvidence's catalogue of books dedicated to long-form visual narratives. The FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo winner and two other selected finalists will be exhibited during the World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 in Amsterdam in conjunction with the launch of the book.

To find out more visit FotoEvidence.

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