September 02, 2016

Friday Round Up - 2nd September, 2016

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up part two of the Visa pour l'Image special with work from Peter Bauza, David Guttenfelder, Andrew Quilty, winner of the Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award - 2016 Niels Ackermann and Winner of the Humanitarian Visa d’or award – International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) 2016 Juan Arredondo. Also the winners of the Getty Grants and some cool book signings happening Friday afternoon, so get down to La Poudrière: Rue Rabelais if you're in Perpignan.

Special Feature:
Visa Pour L'Image - Part Two


Peter Bauza
Echo Photojournalism

Maria Eduarda (12) lives in one of the five unfinished buildings of what should have been a middle-class condominium. The site where 300 families have found shelter is near Rio de Janeiro, but far from the public gaze. © Peter Bauza / Echo Photojournalism

Maria Eduarda in the bedroom she shares with four siblings. © Peter Bauza / Echo Photojournalism

David Guttenfelder
Coming Home

 An old tank is now a swimming pool on the farm. Van Meter, Iowa, USA. © David Guttenfelder

North Korean veterans of the Korean War entering a cemetery for fellow veterans during a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the armistice ending hostilities on the Korean peninsula. Pyongyang, North Korea, July 24, 2013. © David Guttenfelder / Associated Press

Andrew Quilty
Afghanistan: After Enduring Freedom

Afghan National Army officers resting during a clearing operation in the final days of the counter-offensive by government forces to retake Kunduz City from Taliban insurgents. October 10, 2015.
© Andrew Quilty / Agence VU’

 A baby girl who suffered burns from an oil heater at home. Boost Hospital, Lashkar Gah (capital of Helmand Province), Afghanistan. February, 2014. © Andrew Quilty / Agence VU’

A mother with her daughter waiting for emergency treatment. Boost Hospital, Lashkar Gah (capital of Helmand Province), Afghanistan. February, 2014. © Andrew Quilty / Agence VU’

Niels Ackermann
Winner of the Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award - 2016

Employees of a local TV and internet provider (Maket) during the city’s annual day celebration.
Slavutych, Ukraine, June 1, 2013 © Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

 Zhenya and Yulia with their witnesses, Irina and Artiom, at their wedding ceremony in the City Hall.Slavutych, Ukraine, June 1, 2013 © Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

In a playground in one of the neighborhoods in the city. Slavutych, Ukraine 2012 © Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

Juan Arredondo
Winner of the Humanitarian Visa d’or award – International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) 2016

A father carrying the coffin of his son killed by FARC forces (46th front) as the indigenous community of Tortugaña Telembi walks through the mountains to bury 11 of their members accused by FARC of aiding the Colombian Army, including two young boys who deserted. Bellavista, Nariño, November 12, 2014. © Juan Arredondo / Getty Images Reportage 

 A field trip to the city for former child soldiers taking part in a government program to help them return to civilian life. Manizales, March 31, 2015. © Juan Arredondo / Getty Images Reportage 

Members of the ELN (Ejercito de Liberación Nacional) at their camp. A quarter to half of child combatants are girls. Chocó, Colombia, February 17, 2014. © Juan Arredondo / Getty Images Reportage 
Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography

This years recipients of Getty Images’ annual Grants for Editorial Photography programme were announced last night at Visa. Congratulations to the five photojournalists:

Sergey Ponomarev for Exodus, a project which explores the migrants and refugees of the Middle East and Africa.

Katie Orlinsky
for Chasing Winter, which examines the effects of climate change in Alaska. 

Mary F. Calvert
for Prisoners of War: Male-on-male Rape in America’s Military, a body of work that documents American military rape survivors who are forced out of service.

Jonathan Torgovnik for The ‘Hijacked Life’ of African Migrants in Johannesburg, a project which examines the complex issues faced by migrants from the African continent upon arrival in South Africa. 

Kirsten Luce receives the David Laidler Memorial Award for Border Security. Her project, captured in the southernmost point of Texas, examines the busiest corridor for human and drug trafficking in the US. 

Each receives a grant of US$10,000, as well as collaborative editorial support from Getty Images.

ANI-PrixPalace Award:

Australian-based Dutch photographer Ingetje Tadros has won this year's Ani-PrixPalace Award for her work This is My Country, a visual documentation of Australia’s indigenous people. It communicates the legacy of historical domination and oppression of Australia’s first inhabitants within a contemporary context.


This is My Country
Ingetje Tadros
Signing: September 2nd at 3 pm at La Poudrière: Rue Rabelais, Perpignan

Ingetje Tadros’s, This is My Country is a compelling book, which takes an in depth look at the indigenous community of Kennedy Hill, in Broome, Western Australia, a people balanced on the precipice of life, who for the most part are disenfranchised, neglected, and often forgotten.

Ingetje has won numerous awards for this body of work including the Walkley Award for Excellence in Photojournalism - Feature Photographic Essay - 2015; the Amnesty International Media Award 2015, photography; Best Feature Photographic Essay at the West Australian Media Awards 2015; the Exposure Award, digital display at The Louvre in Paris 2015.

Talibes Modern Day Slaves
Mario Cruz

Signing: September 2nd at 3 pm at La Poudrière: Rue Rabelais, Perpignan

Mario Cruz gained rare access to the dark side of many darras (Koranic schools) in Senegal and captured disturbing but stunning photographs of the lives of young boys subjected to slave-like conditions. The book Talibes Modern Day Slaves documents an alarming development among the darras that impacts at least 50,000 young boys in Senegal, aged between five and 15.

The work received the 2016 World Press Photo Award for Contemporary Issues and was a finalist for the 2016 FotoEvidence Book Award.

Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear
Paula Bronstein
Signing: September 2nd at 4 pm at La Poudrière: Rue Rabelais, Perpignan
World-acclaimed photojournalist Paula Bronstein presents a photographic portrait of this war-torn country’s people across more than a decade. With empathy born of the challenges of being an American female photojournalist working in a conservative Islamic country, Paula gives voice to those Afghans, particularly women and children, rendered silent during the violent Taliban regime.

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