September 23, 2016

Friday Round Up - 23 September, 2016

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up we're in Paris, New York and Amsterdam with French photographer Viviane Dalles, Photoville under the Brooklyn Bridge and at Foam for the amazing exhibition 100 years of Albanian photography.

Exhibition: Paris
Viviane Dalles - Teenage Mothers

French photojournalist Viviane Dalles new exhibition on teenage mothers is currently showing in Paris. Dalles, the 2014 winner of the Canon Female Photojournalist Award, said, “In France, five thousand juvenile mothers (aged 14 to 18) who may not have wanted to be pregnant, chose to keep their babies – a difficult and unusual choice in modern western societies. They dropped out of school to build a new life, caught between the turmoil of their teenage years and the happiness of motherhood.” This photo essay captures part of their journey.

Until 22 October
Fait & Cause
58, rue Quincampoix
75004 Paris

Festival: New York

The fifth edition of Photoville is happening right now on the Brooklyn Waterfront. This year the festival is on under the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in the arts precinct of Dumbo. Once again there are exhibitions in containers as well as outdoors, plus there is a projections and workshop programme. Many exhibitions are multi-platform involving photography, moving image and audio as well as other art forms including sculpture.

Here’s a peek at what’s on offer in the container exhibition programme:

Emily Schiffer 

In this project which uses photography and sculpture American artist Emily Schiffer reimagines the concept of a family album “to explore how unspoken histories and traumas are passed between generations”. The exhibition is in three parts: The Album and the sculptural works, Impressions from 2016 and Gift to My Daughter.

(C)Ara Oshagan
Through video conferencing LiveZEKE brings the subjects of a documentary into a live conversation with audiences. LiveZEKE is based on a feature article from the spring 2016 edition of ZEKE magazine - “The Forgotten Caucasus” - which showcases documentary photography from the countries and regions of the South Caucasus — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh — by photographers Ara Oshagan, Daro Sulakauri and Jan Zychlinski.

Political Theatre
Mark Peterson

New York photographer Mark Peterson has spent the past two years photographing presidential candidates. He says, "I want to pull back the curtain and show these politicians as they really are. Even though they are in plain sight, they can hide behind words and carefully arranged imagery to project their vision of America. I am using my camera to cut through the staging of these moments and reveal the cold, naked ambition for power”.

Signs of Your Identity
Daniella Zalcman 

Winner of this year’s FotoEvidence Book Award, Daniella Zalcman's Signs of Your Identity explores the impact of Canada’s residential schools on its indigenous people. “Generations of Canada’s First Nations forgot who they were. Languages died out, sacred ceremonies were criminalized and suppressed. These double exposure portraits explore the trauma of some of the 80,000 living survivors who remain. Through extensive accompanying interviews, they address the impact of intergenerational trauma and lateral violence, documenting the slow path toward healing. The last residential school closed in 1996. The Canadian government issued its first formal apology in 2008”.

A Few Acres of Snow 

(C) Tim Smith
This group show on the cultural diversity of Canada features work by Rafal Gerszak, Christopher Katsarov Luna, Yoanis Menge, Jalani Morgan, Renaud Philippe and Tim Smith.

Flint is a Place 
Zackary Canepari

This city in Michigan is considered the “poster child for the American Dream gone wrong.” American documentary photographer and filmmaker Zackary Canepari showcases his project, Flint is a Place, which is a cross-platform, episodic documentary series that tells what it’s like to live in Flint through the eyes of two sisters.
Check out the Photoville website for all the details.
Until 25 September
Various locations

Exhibition: Amsterdam
Dynasty Marubi - A Hundred Years of Albanian Studio Photography

Zonder Titel voor 1881 natte plaat C Pietro Marubi 
(C) Marubi National Museum of Photography Shkoder

In this exhibition Foam showcases a selection of images from the archive of Albanian photo studio Marubi (1856-1959). Three generations of photographers used the studio to create portraits of royalty including the Ottoman Emperor and King Zog as well celebrated artists and also everyday people. The archive contains a staggering 150,000 glass negatives providing a unique cultural, sociological and anthropological insight into the history of Albania. 

(C) Marubi National Museum of Photography Shkoder

(C) Marubi National Museum of Photography Shkoder

(C) Marubi National Museum of Photography Shkoder

Kel Marubi with his wife in the studio no date silver gelatine dry process on glass 
C Kel Marubi, Marubi National Museum of Photography Shkoder

Until 27 November
Foam Fotografiemuseum
Keizersgracht 609, Amsterdam

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