October 14, 2016

Friday Round Up - 14 October, 2016

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up legendary photojournalist Tim Page shares with us a selection of photographs he took during UNTAC, the United Nations peacekeeping operation that followed the signing of the Peace Accords and played a pivotal role in establishing the future of Cambodia.

South of Barai on Route 6 near Kampong Thom - a girl delivers an AK47
to her government militia father '92, Cambodia

October 23, 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. 

RESILIENCE, a joint project of the Constable Gallery at Large (Siem Reap), the Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies and Cambodia Peace Museum, features the work of Tim Page, George Nickels and John Rodsted in an exhibition that depicts the many ways the rebuilding of Cambodia took shape.

“The Peace Accords marked a significant moment for Cambodia, a moment in which different groups were united in their vision of peace for Cambodia. Following the agreements, efforts were put into motion to bring home Cambodians who had fled the war, and to begin rebuilding the country – not only the physical rebuilding but also the spirit of Cambodia.”

Tim Page is a guest speaker at the opening event where he will share his first-hand accounts of his experience.

He shares this selection of images taken in 1992 and 1993 as part of the Tim Page Unseen series exclusive to Photojournalism Now. 

The media scrum around the newly arrived French U.N. commander Phillipe Morrillon 
at Pochentong airport, November ’93, Cambodia

The first trainload of refugees from Thailand arrives in Phnom Penh prior to 
the UN run elections in May '93, Cambodia

Government troops N.W. of Kompong Thom advance to repel one of the 
last Khmer Rouge attacks in May '93, Cambodia

At the MSF run hospital in Kampong Thom, a mine victim receives treatment, '92, Cambodia 

A mine victim recovering in the military hospital in Siem Reap '93, Cambodia 

A monk stands in front of a portrait of his master who was murdered by the 
Khmer Rouge in the Wat on the Mekong at Kroch Chhmar upstream 
from Kampong Cham, '91, Cambodia

A monk with his ballot slip in the run up to the UNTAC held elections of May '93. Wat Tan, Phnom Penh

Forty kms west of Siem Reap in the town of Pouk, the local Royalist 
headman lies dead after being gunned down by Hun Sen soldiers. 
They claimed it was suicide...'93, Cambodia

The Illyushin jet that brought King Sihanouk back from Pyongyang 
at Pochentong airport in '92, Cambodia

Joyful supporters welcome King Sihanouk on his return from exile in 
North Korea, Phnom Penh '92, Cambodia 

A Royalist Party rally in Phnom Penh in the run up to the May '93 UN sponsored elections

A former war zone, south of Skoun near Kampong Cham is prepared for settlement, 
the car belongs to a local army Commander, 93, Cambodia

(C) All images Tim Page

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