August 05, 2016

Friday Round Up - 5 August, 2016

This week on Friday Round Up it's all about black and white photography. Morganna Magee takes a behind-the-badge look at police women, Markus Andersen's Rage Against the Light launches in Sydney, Andrew Chapman's Giving Life Special Event this Saturday and Diane Arbus: The Early Years in New York.

Exhibition: Melbourne
Behind the Badge: Women of Victoria Police
Above: Michelle

Currently on show at the Victoria Police Museum is "Behind the Badge", a series of portraits of ten women currently serving in Victoria Police. 

Melbourne photographer Morganna Magee has created this engaging series which depicts the women in their professional roles and “off-duty”. Shot over a 4 week period, Morganna says, “I was initially granted access to meet the women within their homes with the idea that the informal environment would allow me to create an engaging portrait. After speaking with my first subject I realised that rather than feel uncomfortable within their workspace, these women thrived on the work they did and the chance to make a difference within the community”.

Above: Sam

“Photographing these women at home and in the workplace enables the viewer to not only feel a sense of connection with the women in the images but also to begin to understand how being a Police member is more than just a vocation. The reasons these women joined the Police Force are varied, but a sense of pride and confidence in their work unites them.”

Above: Carlee

Victoria Police Museum
World Trade Centre
Mezzanine Level
637 Flinders Street
Check out more of Morganna's work here.

Exhibition: Sydney
Rage Against the Light - Markus Andersen

The official Australian book launch and exhibition of 'Rage Against The Light' by Sydney-based photographic artist Markus Andersen opens next week at Sydney's Black Eye Gallery and is definitely worth checking out. These images have multiple layers that draw you in and invite you to linger in the shadows. The longer you look the more you see.  

Markus says the work "explores my intoxication with natural light and the darkness/dark corners created from this light. Subjects caught in the dual forces of light and shadow remain at the heart of the work, the interplay of these elements within the architecture or landscape create order from discordance. 'Rage Against The Light' emphasises the dramatic nature of intense or subdued light and my continued relationship and fascination with the subject". 

9 - 21 August
Black Eye Gallery
3/138 Darlinghurst Road
Check out more of Markus' work here.

Giving Life - Magnet Galleries Melbourne

This Saturday Professor Bob Jones (who is one of the good guys) incredibly intelligent, but also super approachable, is giving a talk about how organ transplant works. Get along to Magnet Galleries at 2pm for this rare opportunity and at the same time check out Andrew Chapman's amazing images from his Giving Life series. There's good coffee to be had too! 

640 Bourke Street

Exhibition: New York
Diane Arbus: In the Beginning

In this expansive exhibition more than 100 photographs of Diane Arbus’ early career (the first seven years from 1956-1962) are on show, many for the first time. Jeff Rosenheim, Curator in Charge of the Department of Photographs at The Met says, “Arbus’s early photographs are wonderfully rich in achievement and perhaps as quietly riveting and ultimately controversial as the iconic images for which she is so widely known”.  

Until 27 November
2nd Floor
1000 Fifth Avenue
New York

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