July 16, 2012

Christian Fletcher on the XPro1

Following on from my post on Michael Coyne last week, I also spoke to multi-award winning landscape photographer Christian Fletcher about the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and this is what he had to say....

“With the X-Pro1 I can go places I can’t normally go with my heavy equipment and take photographs that are still relevant," says Christian who has been shooting landscapes for 18 years.

“There’s nothing I don’t like about this camera...The thing I love about the X-Pro1 is the size and the fact that you can get really good quality pictures. Landscapes have to be sharp and detailed and the X-Pro1 has all that.”

Christian sells his work through galleries and says there are no issues in hanging prints from the X-Pro1 alongside photographs shot on his Phase One camera. “I am pretty fussy, but the image quality is as good as anything I’ve seen from a DSLR – I was using Canon 5Ds for a while and it is better than that in fact”.

Transportability is another true benefit he says. “It fills that gap where I can be on the run, travel light, go climb a mountain or go on a hike and take it with me anytime. If I have the X-Pro1 with me I’ll never miss a shot”.

And it’s fantastic in low light situations. “I love that I don’t have to use a tripod with this camera. The fact that I can use it in lower light and still hand hold because it has high ISO capabilities is a real bonus”.

“In a commercial sense, this camera can do everything, I could give away my other cameras and use this camera professionally, commercially and it would make no difference to my turnover at all in my galleries. That’s the reality of it,” Christian concludes.

While Christian was in Melbourne he took the XPro1 out for a spin in the city's alleys. Below is a photo of one of the graffiti lanes in the CBD. And an autumn-scape.

(C) Christian Fletcher 2012

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