July 13, 2012

Australians All exhibition now on

Social documentary photographers Louise Whelan and John Immig have embarked on a massive project to document the 180 migrant communities that call New South Wales (NSW) home. This project, which reflects the multi-cultural society that is Australia in the 21st Century, is the brainchild of Alan Davies, Curator of Photography at the State Library of NSW.

Louise, who I interviewed for my feature on Sydney’s Head On festival in the June issue of Pro Photo, says of the project entitled ‘Australians All’ - "As I work on this project and move around the different communities, I feel privileged to be in the presence of such diversity. Through this series of photographs I’m sharing a glimpse of a huge range of unique cultural experiences encompassing music, dance, visual arts, exotic foods, ancient crafts, ceremonies, family meals and everyday happenings of the ethnic communities".

If you are in Sydney ‘Australians All’ is on exhibition at The Fountain Court NSW Parliament House Macquarie Street Sydney until 27th July.

All photographs (C) Louise Whelan 2012

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