June 03, 2016

Friday Round Up - 3rd June, 2016

This week Barbara Davidson, Ryuichi Hirokawa and Look 3 Festival. Plus a reminder that Auckland Festival of Photography starts this weekend. To see Photojournalism Now's preview on the festival click here.

Photo Essay: Barbara Davidson

I greatly admire the work of Los Angeles Times photojournalist Barbara Davidson so it is always a pleasure to share her work on Photojournalism Now. 

Her latest story is about girls as young as 12 years who have been saved from prostitution in Bihar, the poorest state in India.

Davidson again delivers an evocative visual essay that shows how one school near the India/Nepal border is working to give these girls a brighter future. 

Many of these girls were destined to become prostitutes in makeshift brothels set up in the family home, or to be sold as sex slaves. 

The school, which is funded by Apne Aap and the Bihar state government, “aims to break the bonds of caste and inequality”. 

You can see more images and read the full story here.
(C) All images Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times

Back Story: Ryuichi Hirokawa

“Palestinians made me a photojournalist,” Ryuichi Hirokawa

Perhaps today he is best known as the founder of the magazine Days Japan, but as a young university graduate, Japanese photojournalist Ryuichi Hirokawa was enamoured with the idea of living in a kibbutz so in 1967 he travelled to Israel.

He was expecting to find paradise, but instead he arrived in a time of great turmoil and not long after the Six Day War erupted. 

That trip was to shape Hirokawa’s future in a way he couldn’t anticipate. 

Fascinated with the ruins of an old Palestinian village that he discovered near the kibbutz he was living in, Hirokawa inadvertently began to uncover the history of the Palestinian plight. 

This story has occupied him for more 40 years resulting in an extensive body of work that includes photographs, the documentary film Palestine 1948 Nakba and oral histories.

Hirokawa made his name as a photojournalist with his coverage of the massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in 1982 in Lebanon. 

One of the first journalists to enter the camps, Hirokawa’s 8mm footage launched his career, but by that time he was already invested in the Palestinian story. 

To date Hirokawa has researched and documented the histories of around 500 villages that have vanished. 

He has also set up a charity, the Japanese Committee for the Children of Palestine, which raises funds to care for orphans and to build kindergartens.

(C) All images Ryuichi Hirokawa

Festivals:Look 3 - Charlottesville, USA
This is definitely a must-attend photography festival that brings together exhibitions and talks with some of the most interesting photographers working today. I haven't been to Look 3 before, but it is on my to do list. Here's a peek at what's in store this year. 

Look 3 Featured Artists this year include Nick Brandt, Gabriella Iturbide, Yuri Kozyrev, Frans Lanting, Sheila Pree Bright, Christopher Morris and Ruddy Roye. There's a host of artists talks and "In Conversation" series also. Check out the website for the full programme, dates and venues.

Nick Brandt’s Inherit The Dust
Nick will also be "In Conversation" with legendary photography scholar Vicki Goldberg  

Graciela Iturbide's Naturata 

Frans Lanting's Encounters 

Sheila Pree Bright's #1960Now

Christopher Morris's War Politics Fashion
Christopher will be "In Conversation" with MaryAnne Golon too

Ruddy Roye's When Living is a Protest

Alexia Foundation 25
Celebrating 25 years supporting documentary photographers, the Alexia Foundation presents works from Aaron Vincent Elkaim's Where the River Runs Through (recipient 2016 Alexia Grant) and Mary F. Calvert's Missing in Action: Homeless Women Veteran (recipient 2014 Alexia Women’s Initiative Grant). 

(C) Mary F. Calvert

  (C) Mary F. Calvert

 (C) Mary F. Calvert