November 13, 2015

Friday Round Up - 13 November 2015

This week on Friday Round Up it’s all about Paris – Paris Photo, fotofever, What’s Up Photo Doc, Photo Saint Germain, Biennale Des Photographes du Monde Arabe Contemporain, book launches, signatures, exhibitions and more. My photography cup runneth over and will spill into the coming weeks.

Feature: Paris - Part One

Paris Photo opening © Alison Stieven-Taylor

Paris Photo opening © Alison Stieven-Taylor

This week Paris proved it is the capital of photography exhibitions and events with an overwhelming presentation of shows - around 150 - plus a host of other activities. On almost every corner (okay slight exaggeration) there are photography bookshops and galleries - it certainly seems like that. And there is a grand appetite for the medium if the crowds at Paris Photo alone are any indication. It's been a hectic week of running from one event to another. The Paris Metro and I are now well acquainted. 

And so for this Friday Round Up a random and eclectic selection of pictures to give you a taste of what's on show. 

Paris Photo:
The Australians

Flying the Australian flag first. Murray Fredericks' stunning image from his new series is on show at Hamiltons and Bill Henson is with Melbourne's Tolarno Gallery.

© Murray Fredericks

© Bill Henson

Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand & Lee Friedlander
Thomas Zander Gallery

© Lee Friedlander

From 1973 to 1974, Lee Friedlander and Burt Wolf edited four iconic portfolios at the Double Elephant Press in New York, featuring photographs by some of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century: Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, and Lee Friedlander himself. This special presentation of the original portfolios honours the unique collaborative project that was to become a touchstone in the history of photography. The presentation coincides with the book publication Double Elephant in four volumes, edited by Thomas Zander (Steidl, 2015).

Salon d'Honneur Gallery
Daido Moriyama - Farewell Photography

Rosalind Fox Solomon - Portraits in a Time of Aids, Washington 

Bruce Silverstein Gallery presents a selection of images from Rosalind Fox Solomon's historic series, Portraits in the Time of AIDS, 1988. Created at the height of the AIDS epidemic, these images prompted much debate when they were first shown in 1988 and almost three decades on they are still incredibly powerful. 

Jacques Henri Lartigue
Alain Gutharc gallery presents an entire set of vintage photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue.

Nick Knight
Christophe Guye Galerie presents a solo exhibition of the extraordinary work of Nick Knight for the  first time at Paris Photo.

Kicken Berlin Gallery
 © Albert Renger-Patzsch
© Helga Paris

© Sibylle Bergemann

© André Gelpkeberlin

Polka Galerie

© Jacob Aue Sobol

© Sebastiao Salgado

© Wim Wenders

There's also a more expansive exhibition of Wim and Donata Wenders work at Polka Galerie which opened last night.

Winner of Sixth Prix Pictet Photography and Sustainability Award

Prix Pictet Awards Gala Event © Alison Stieven-Taylor

Last night French photographer Valérie Belin was awarded the grand Prix Pictet Award of CHF 100,000. The Award was announced at a gala event held at the Musée d’Art Moderne de La Ville in Paris. This work and that of the other 11 finalists is currently on show. It's an impressive, and expansive exhibition.

© Valérie Belin

© Valérie Belin

© Valérie Belin

© Valérie Belin

© Valérie Belin

Photo Saint Germain
This festival in the Saint Germain district features various exhibitions at independent galleries and bookstores. This is the 4th edition of the festival which runs until 22 November.

© James Casebere
© Yoshiichi Hara
© Kassak Lajos

© Mario Giacomelli 

© Mario Giacomelli 
© Willy Kessels

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