June 05, 2015

Friday Round Up - 5 June, 2015

This week on Friday Round Up - farewell to Mary Ellen Mark, new exhibitions for Melbourne, Konrad Winkler launches new book and #dysturb in Pro Photo magazine.

Photos of the week:
Australian Adam Ferguson - Nepal Earthquake

(C) Adam Ferguson for TIME
(C) Adam Ferguson for TIME

Farewell to Mary Ellen Mark
Mary Ellen Mark at an exhibition of her work at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles
(C) Todd Williamson/AP 2013

I was fortunate to interview Mary Ellen Mark in 2014 and was greatly saddened to hear of her passing last week. You can read my interview with her on L'Oeil de la Photographie. One of the highlights of my journalistic career. 

Here's an excerpt: Like other notable photographers Mark studied painting and art history before photography came into her life. “When I went to university I wanted to be either an architect or painter, a fine artist; I found being a painter very isolating. As for being an architect, that’s very academic, very difficult and I am not a good engineer,” she laughs.

At graduate school Mark took a major in photojournalism; it was a light bulb moment. “Photography became an immediate love for me. I had always read books about photography and was always fascinated with great photography. But it hadn’t occurred to me that it was something I could do myself until I got to graduate school and picked up a camera in my very early twenties”....

(C) Mary Ellen Mark

(C) Mary Ellen Mark

Exhibitions: Melbourne
Julie Millowick - Before: Photographs from the 1970s
(C) Julie Millowick Love is the Drug on the Jukebox, Kookaburra Cafe, Frankston
A Day in the Life of Australia, 1981

Melbourne photographer Julie Millowick was a student at Prahran Arts College in its heyday. In this exhibition she showcases images captured during the 1970’s, using a Nikon F film camera and one lens - a 50 mm standard.

"With that camera hanging over my shoulder, I walked around St Kilda, where I lived, and Fitzroy, where I did pro bono work for the Brotherhood of St Laurence. And.....I talked to people. Sometimes I made a photograph of them, sometimes I didn’t. 

There seems to be a quietness, for want of a better word, about the photographs that reflects the long ago decade of the 1970’s. A time that was definitely pre-digital. A time that was definitely prior to the daily saturation in our lives of the photographic image."

(C) Julie Millowick Alone on the Lawn, Anzac Day, 1975, The Shrine, Melbourne

(C) Julie Millowick Photographer Athol Shmith photographed with his ever-present 
LunaSix Light Meter around his neck. A Llegendary Fashion and Advertising 
Photographer, Athol had a studio at the Paris End of Collins Street for decades.
He retired from commercial photograhy in the1970's to take up Head of Photography
Department at Prahran College of Advanced Education. Julie Millowick was one of his students.

(C) Julie Millowick Limurru, Fitzroy, 1975

Millowick is now a teacher of the online photojournalism course at Latrobe University and is sharing the gallery space with one of her graduates, Christine Sayer who is exhibiting her work, Deconstructing Dementia. 

(C) Christine Sayer You have Visitors, 2014

Until 14 June
69 Smith Street Gallery

Group Show - Melbourne Is… 
(C) Mike Reed

Three year old collective Image Chasers, comprises a group of “passionate” Victorian photographers. In the exhibition Melbourne Is… they present their unique views of Melbourne taking the audience beyond the “tourist brochure view of Melbourne to capture a side of the city that perhaps we do not always see”. 

(C) Chris May

(C) Helga Leunig

(C) Roger Arnall

"Melbourne Is…not the place you might think it is. Many stereotype descriptives have been written about Melbourne. ‘The world’s most liveable city’…’Four seasons in one day’…’The garden state’… But underneath all these flowery statements, lies an urban subtext – A city of counter cultures and contradictions. Graceful buildings from our colonial past stand defiant against brave new futuristic visions.

"Melbourne is light and dark and all shades in between. It’s home to a migrant’s tale or a cabinetmaker’s workshop. A stage for lovers’ trysts, lost souls, found treasures and sleeping rough.

Melbourne. A city that is so many things to so many people. A place that is as diverse as its 4 million plus inhabitants."

Until 4 July
Quadrant Gallery
72 Barkers Road

Book Launch:
Konrad Winkler - Moments of My Life

Specialist photography book publisher M.33 will launch Konrad Winkler’s new book Moments of My Life on Sunday June 14 in St. Kilda. The book contains a number of classic photographs from Winkler’s 45 year career. Interspersed throughout the book are Winkler’s writings making Moments of My Life more an artist’s diary giving insight into the image beyond mere description of time and place. I’m looking forward to reviewing this one. 

4.30pm Sunday June 14
Linden New Art
26 Acland Street
St Kilda
To be launched by Wendy Garden, Curator at the Morning Peninsula Regional Gallery.

New Pro Photo - #dysturb

My feature on #dysturb is in the latest issue of Pro Photo magazine out now. 

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