February 27, 2015

Friday Round Up - 27th February, 2015

This week on Friday Round Up new exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney, a big shout out to Daniel Berehulak and his win in POYi Awards and Alexia Foundation announces its 2015 grant winners. Also 2015 Head On Photo Festival extends the closing date for award entries until 8 March.


Peter Milne -Juvenilia

Boys Next Door first photo session after Rowland joined, Nick’s bedroom, Caulfield, c1978
For those who lived it and for those who wished they had, Peter Milne’s Juvenilia celebrates many of the artists who were part of the vibrant, zany and ridiculously creative alternative music scene in Melbourne from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s.

“Warm, intimate, surprising and already displaying the great compositional skills, originality and humour for which Milne is known, these images offer an unprecedented peep… at a milieu of people who went on to play pivotal roles in Melbourne’s burgeoning cultural scene,” says co-curator Linsey Gosper of Strange Neighbour Gallery. 

Anita Lane

Rowland S Howard and Genevieve McGuckin, St Kilda rooftop, 1977 

Polly Borland

Rowland S Howard

Milne’s black and white images portray the intimacy that only comes with the trust of friendship. Photographs in this exhibition include early shots of Nick Cave’s band Boys Next Door, hanging out in Cave’s bedroom at his parents house. There are also a number of images of the late Rowland S. Howard, along with Mick Harvey, Polly Borland, Tony Clark, Anita Lane and Blixa Bargeld amongst others.

27 February to March 28
Q&A with journalist Michael Dwyer and Peter Milne
Thursday 5 March, 5.30 - 8pm.

Strange Neighbour
395 Gore Street
(C) All photos Peter Milne

Michael Williams - Chromophobia 

“Since the early 1980s I have been fixated with the dynamic and often intrusive presence of colour within public and personal environments,” says Australian photographer Michael Williams who uses flash to “isolate elements, accentuate colour and forge a direct momentary relationship with my subjects”. 

Colour Factory Gallery
March 5-28
409-429 Gore St
(C) All images Michael Williams

Bookmarked - Stills Gallery

Diedre Brollo

Celebrating the photobook in all its forms, Bookmarked features everything from hand made books to slick, offset publications from a diverse group of artists including Diedre Brollo / Danny Digby / Stephen Dupont / Anne Ferran / Chris Fortescue / Nicholas Jones / Sarah McConnell / Trent Parke / Louis Porter / Madeleine Preston / Kurt Schranzer/ Teo Treloar as well as a selection of books from the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive. 

Danny Digby

Nicholas Jones

Trent Parke

Exhibition: 4-28 March
Stills Photobook Fair - Saturday 7 March, 11am to 5pm
Artist Talk with Stephen Dupont Saturday 7 March, 3pm

Stills Gallery
36 Gosbell Street 

Daniel Berehulak wins Photographer of the Year, again!
Daniel Berehulak/ Getty Images Reportage

This week the POYi Awards were announced and Australian freelance photojournalist Daniel Berehulak took out top honours (again) this time for the amazing work he did on the Ebola outbreak. Daniel is one of the most inspiring, hard working and compassionate photographers I know. Absolutely thrilled that he has been recognised for this important body of work. I'm interviewing Daniel about his POYi win, so look out for my story in the coming weeks.  

Alexia Foundation 
2015 Grant Recipients Announced

Paolo Marchetti - The Price of Vanity - Professional Grant
Italy, Milan in September 2014, caiman skins exposed during the most important showroom in the world, called "LINEAPELLE." Thousands of workers are coming to this event from all over the world. Paolo Marchetti

Poland, Village of "Biala Wies" close to Grodzisk Wlkp. Here inside the company “Nutrex” one of the most important intensive breeding of minks in all Poland. Here the conveyor belt where the mink are transported from one building to another. In the background the bodies without mantles are stacked in a large container, after being processed. Paolo Marchett

Italian freelance photojournalist Paolo Marchetti is this year’s recipient of the 2015 Professional Grant from the Alexia Foundation. He will receive $20,000 to pursue his long-term project, The Price of Vanity, an exploration into the brutal world of intensive breeding farms that are used to produce skins and furs for the high-end fashion industry. Paolo, who is incredibly passionate about this project, was stunned with the news of his success. “This is terrific news for me, this is incredible. I am so grateful to the judges,” he said.

This is powerful and important visual storytelling. Next time you are looking to buy an animal skin or fur garment, remember the brutal methods in which these skins are obtained and the horrible ending to these animals' lives. Is it worth it?

Colombia, Puerto Giraldo, two hours from Barranquilla.The puppies are moved to larger tanks and with different characteristics, depending on the size and health emergencies caimans. Here in the photo, some caimans of about 70 cm. inside a tank where it is regularly paid an antibiotic estimate (the blue liquid), to ensure the occurrence of serious infections. Paolo Marchetti

Colombia, Puerto Giraldo, two hours from Barranquilla.Thousands of caiman skins stretched out in the open after the first cleaning process and salting on the farm.The skins of breeding "Repticosta" are intended to Eastern Market, the skins will be exhibited here in Singapore within 20 days. Paolo Marchetti

Michael Santiago - Stolen Land, Stolen Future - Student Grant
The recipient of the 2015 Student Grant is Michael Santiago for his project Stolen Land, Stolen Future. The grant will further his documentation of the lives of African-American farmers who have fought to acquire and maintain land across the USA, despite facing extreme difficulties. Michael will receive full tuition to study at the Syracuse University London Program amongst other prizes. 

Farmer James McGill’s Duroc and Bluebutt show pigs need to have daily exercise to keep their physique looking strong so they will please the judges at the annual Kern County Fair. Michael Santiago

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