February 14, 2014

Friday Round Up - 14 February, 2014

This week on Friday Round Up new exhibitions for Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, international festivals call for entries and an uplifting story from First Light Institute.

Exhibition: Perth
Graham Miller – All That is Solid Melts into Air

Acclaimed Australian photographer Graham Miller’s new exhibition – “All That is Solid Melts into Air” – opens at the Turner Galleries in Perth tonight.

In this collection of images that was created around Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Miller explores the relationship of people with the landscape. Drawing inspiration from painters such as Caspar David Friedrich and Eugene von Guérard, Miller says his images are intended as “an ambiguous blending of impression and fact and an attempt to provide delicate evocations of human presence and hope”.

(C) All Images Graham Miller

All That is Solid Melts into Air
14 February to 15 March, 2014
Turner Galleries
470 William Street
Northbridge (Perth)
For more information visit the website here

Exhibition: Sydney
Kevin Cooper – Boxio Habana

Photographer Kevin Cooper’s photo essay on young Cuban boxers, Boxio Habana, opens at 10x8 Gallery in Sydney tonight. As well as an exhibition, there is also a book of the same name excerpts of which appear below.

Cooper, who has been shooting for over 30 years and labels himself a “visual documentarian,” says he is more comfortable communicating through pictures than words, a trait he identified early in life. “Someone wise once said that every man is entitled to his favourite brand of insanity. Mine is photography. I’m not a words man, I never have been. I read images, and have done since I was a pre-pubescent boy. Photography is my language, and luckily for me it is like music, understood by all”.

In Boxio Habana Cooper explores ‘La Lucha’ – The Struggle – of Cuban society at a “micro-level focusing on a small derelict boxing gym in Havana,” where young boys work out their frustrations and issues in the boxing ring. 

“Each culture I document mirrors my struggles with the world I live in, but don’t really conform to. Boxio Habana is no different and I can see correlations between the young boxers and my own struggles as an adolescent. I guess by documenting the struggles of others, I am more equipped to understand my own – and accept them.”

Boxio Habana
14 - 23 February
10x8 Gallery
L3 Central
Central Park 28

Exhibition: Victoria
Tim Page – Diggers in the Nam

Opening this weekend at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum (Victoria) ‘Diggers in the Nam’ features iconic images from the Vietnam War taken by photojournalist Tim Page between 1965-1969.

(C) All images Tim Page

Vietnam was a training ground for Page who as a young photographer worked alongside the likes of Eddie Adams. Since that time Page’s pictures have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the globe over a career that has spanned five decades. Page has had a lauded, and at times, immensely dangerous journey that has left him at death’s door on more than one occasion. Page, who is now in his sixties, will be at the launch to talk about the images and no doubt regale visitors with one or more colourful tales!

Through his lens Page has shown the world images that define generations and his photographs can be seen in museums and galleries around the world, and within the pages of books. And also on this blog with the Tim Page Unseen series featuring never before published photographs.

Diggers in the Nam
15 February - 30 April
National Vietnam Veterans Museum
25 Veterans Drive
Newhaven, Phillip Island
(approximately 2 hours drive from Melbourne)

Call for International Entries

Head On Photo Festival – Sydney 

This year’s marks the 10th Anniversary of the Head On Photo Festival’s Portrait Prize. While the Portrait category is open to Australian residents only, Head On is extending its reach inviting international photographers to enter three other prize categories – Landscape, Mobile and the latest addition, Multimedia. Total prize pool is valued at $50,000.

Winners for each category will be announced on Friday 16 May 2014 in Sydney. “All work is judged anonymously and selection is based on the power of the work alone rather than the celebrity of the subject or its creator.”

Entries close 9th March, 2014. Visit the website for more details

Call for International Proposals
Kaunas Festival – Lithuania

Now in its 11th year, Kaunas Photo Festival is calling for proposals on the theme of MUSEUMS, GALLERIES, EXHIBITIONS. This international call is open to photographers and photo-media artists of all ages and to all creative methods from reportage to conceptual works. This Festival launches in May with major exhibitions held over September and October.

Entries close 21 March, 2014
Visit the website for more details

GMB Akash – First Light Institute of Photography

According to First Light Institute of Photography “there are 7.8 million working children in Bangladesh who have no childhood and no toys. First light Institute of Photography gifted more than 500 new toys to more than 500 deprived children to inspire and to motivate them as well as to encourage them towards happiness.” 

The look of joy of these young faces is just reward for the kindness shown and reinforces that social documentary photography also has a role to play in celebrating the human spirit. Images (C) GMB Akash.

To find out more about First Light Institute of Photography click here.

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