August 06, 2012

Dan O'Day on the X-Pro1

Wrapping up my posts from my interviews at the Digital Show in Melbourne earlier this year photographer Dan O'Day talks about the ease of travelling with the Fujifilm X-Pro1, a fab little camera that has turned the market on its head...

Dan O’Day, fine art and wedding photographer - “When I’m travelling taking my digital SLRs out with me all the time is a real pain, but the X-Pro1 is very easy to carry so I am not missing out on anything”.

“Portability is a big thing for me travelling and working on my own projects, and this camera is so easy to carry around,” says Dan who is also impressed with the quality of the prints.

“The problem I’ve had with compact cameras before is that the files aren’t good enough for fine art prints. I really like the fact that I can get a serious body of work that I can put in a book or show in a gallery from this camera.”

He says the X-Pro1 is also a great asset with his wedding clients. “In a wedding environment I am using it for the ‘getting ready’ stages of the day and at the reception. The X-Pro1 is so unobtrusive and it is a nice way for me to ease in”. Below are some recent photos Dan took using this camera.

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