June 13, 2012

Foto Freo Ten Years On - feature available online now

My feature in Pro Photo - Foto Freo Ten Years On - is now available on my website. 

"From ‘Bob’s Backyard’, to a significant bi-annual event on the international photography festival calendar, Foto Freo’s evolution is testament to the passion and commitment of a small group of photographers including Max Pam, Graham Miller, Brad Rimmer and David Dare Parker and businessman Bob Hewitt, who were tenacious enough not to take no for an answer and to push ahead with their vision despite the obstacles. 

Over lunch in March in Freo, Max, David, Brad, and Graham noisily, and amiably, share with me stories of past festivals. All four have been involved in Foto Freo since its nascent days when the programme was planned literally in Bob’s backyard - Bob is universally recognised as the festival’s father, and this year its official director, a businessman who in retirement is busier now than ever before...." Please click here to read the full story.

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