May 08, 2012

7 Exhibitions Open at Sydney TAFE - Head On Photo Festival

Last night the photographic community of Sydney turned out for the opening of 7 exhibitions at The Muse Building at Sydney TAFE.

In a truly fantastic exhibition space, images by award-winning Australian photojournalists Stephen Dupont and Michael Coyne, featured alongside those of Pablo Bartholomew (India), Valeriy Klamm and the Siberian blog project Birthmark on the Map (Russia), Mike Bowers, FujiFilm's 10x10 Project which includes works from this year's Head On Portrait Prize Winner (Critic's Choice) Louise Whelan as well as works by TAFE students and graduates.

This opening capped off, for me, four fantastic days viewing works from all over the world, talking to photographers spanning all genres and catching up with colleagues and friends. Festivals like Head On, Foto Freo and Ballarat's International Foto Biennale bring together such diversity and allow the Australian photographic community access to global views and cultural shifts in photography. The more I see the more I learn. There is incredible talent, range and commitment out there. If nothing else, attending festivals such as this inspire and energise. The medium may be shifting in terms of technology and outlets for work, but there is no lack of creativity and imagination. Food for the soul.
Head On runs until 3 June.

(C) Pablo Bartholomew