September 20, 2011

RAW Gallery Baron Wolman Book Signing

On Saturday 24th September (that's this weekend), Baron Wolman will be at RAW Gallery from 11am to 1pm to sign copies of his book, Every Picture Tells a Story: The Rolling Stone Years.

Now 74 years of age, Baron was the first photographer to sign on to Rolling Stone magazine in LA in 1967. Shooting at a time of seismic shifts in cultural attitudes, Wolman not only captured individual performances, but the vibe of a generation. This cover shot of Jimi Hendrix, says Baron, shows the sheer ecstasy Hendrix felt when playing guitar. In his book Wolman shares the transformational power that music has on performers, the audience and fans - the book also has a section dedicated to "the Groupies" because Baron "loves women".

Wolman describes himself as a photojournalist. His images are true to documentary form in most cases, and are the antithesis of the stylised marketing shots favoured by artists' management today. This book is a welcome addition to the rock'n'roll library.

RAW Gallery 11 Yarra Place South Melbourne (opposite St Ali Cafe - fabulous coffee).

Look out for my feature on Baron Wolman in a coming issue of Pro Photo magazine Pro Photo AST

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