July 26, 2009

Last Night Queen came to Melbourne

Last night in Melbourne I saw the Queen tribute show, 'Queen it's a kinda magic' at Her Majesty's theatre. I don't usually go in for tribute shows as they are often poor imitations, but last night this show's lead singer, Craig Pesco, was channelling Freddie Mercury. Not just in voice or costume, but facial expressions, physical movements and Mercury's arresting stage presence. It was an awesome show and the audience was on its collective feet and dancing for the entire concert.

I chatted with Craig and the boys after the show. These guys have toured the world, received rave reviews in Barcelona, Paris, Toronto, Hong Kong and across the US. Everywhere they go they gather more loyal fans. At last night's show I talked with a fantastic couple, John and Aggie, who come to every show. And what's really cool about the band is they hang with their fans and show them how much they value their support. After they finish their current Australian tour they are off to South Africa. Check them out if you get a chance. Visit www.queen.itsakindamagic.com to see where they are playing. As a sidebar I saw Queen play in the seventies at Festival Hall in Melbourne. First live concert I ever attended. Been hooked ever since.

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